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5 Best Space Optimization Ideas for your Living Room

living room

Everyone yearns for a beautifully designed home where they can spend quality time with family and friends. But with the cost of real estate and interior designing services skyrocketing, it is tricky to get the desired look and feel within our budget. Homeowners often find it challenging to be able to purchase furniture and furnishings that enhance the look of their home but don’t make it congested. We have gathered some of the best practices that can help homeowners get a space that looks very much like a professionally designed space. So here are 5 best ways suggested by DesignBHK to optimize the space in your living room.

shoe rack living room
  1. Choose multi-functional furniture. Furniture that can be used for multiple purposes often proves to solve space utilization issues in small homes. Replacing a regular King or Queen size bed with a convertible sofa can help accommodate your guests in the living room and can also become their bed when they choose to stay over. Similarly choosing an ottoman that can also serve as a coffee table or a footrest or even a work table.

2. Use Smart Storage. Having enough storage space for all our belongings is tough given the limited space in the living room. It is also essential to ensure that our storage solutions don’t occupy more space or spoil the look of the entire room. Hidden storage solutions can fulfil our requirements utilizing every inch of available space smartly. Using wall-mounted tilt-out shoe rack or over-the-door shoe hanger can help you reduce the space occupied in the room. A coffee table that comes with hidden storage space can accommodate a lot of stuff we don’t need all the time.

3. Keep it Simple. Using light colours on walls and wooden flooring can make the room feel larger and more lively. Keep the accessories to a minimum and go for large-impact pieces instead. Over-crowding the room with too much furniture or huge pieces like a bulky sofa will occupy most of the space in the room which we don’t want.

4. Create partitions for an uncluttered look. To give your living room a spacious and distinguished look, create partitions using full-sized curtains or partial glass wall. Beautiful partition wall designs make the room look attractive and different from the other rooms in the house.

Use light and bright interiors. Make your room look bright and well-lit by using light and even-toned shades for painting the walls and ceiling of your house. Light colours reflect sunlight and make your rooms seem spacious and well-ventilated. Opting for light furniture in soft tone fabric also helps save space and make the room look bright and comfy.

Who doesn’t like a well-designed and spacious living room to relax and watch their favourite series? Following a few tricks and interior designing practices can help optimize your living space without the need for huge budget or structural changes.

Most Popular & Efficient Modular Kitchen Layouts

No matter how many spacious and beautiful rooms there are in a house, most Indian families spend a lot of time cooking and chatting in their kitchens. We all enjoy cooking with and for our loved ones and this time we spend in the kitchen is always fun and memorable. To make these moments even more beautiful, we have to make our kitchens fully functional and spacious. Modular kitchen designs do exactly that for you, giving your kitchen all the functionalities needed and not to forget, a trendy and sleek look.

The types of Modular Kitchen Layouts
There are six common modular kitchen layouts that we usually find in Indian homes – L-Shaped, U-Shaped, Straight Line, Parallel, Island and Peninsula. Each layout has a different look yet fulfil all the requirements to give you the best experience.

1.L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout
One of the most commonly found kitchen layouts, the L-shaped modular kitchen suits smaller homes giving them the maximum space utilization and available floor space. It allows you to accommodate a good number of storage units while leaving you with sufficient space to fit in a dining table for your family.

L shaped kitchen

2.U-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout
An ideal layout for large homes with huge kitchen space, U-Shaped Modular Kitchens can be just perfect to give you the most efficient work triangle. You can have enormous storage space with amazing design options. Besides giving you plenty of counter space, the U-Shaped Kitchens also gives you the advantage of having tall storage units and mounted ovens etc.

U shaped kitchen

3. Straight Modular Kitchen Layout
This is basically a single kitchen counter that comes with sufficient upper and lower storage cabinets but is still pretty efficient. This layout is ideal for smaller families in one BHK apartments or studio apartments and homes with limited kitchen space.

straight kitchen layout

4. Parallel Modular Kitchen Layout
Considered as one of the most efficient layouts for kitchens, Parallel layout comes with two long working areas that provide you with plenty of customisation options and storage units. Each work area can be utilized for various activities as per your convenience.

parallel kitchen

5.Island Modular Kitchen Layout
A Dream come true! Many people dream of having an island kitchen as it adds beauty and style to the entire house. Besides being very convenient, the island can be utilised either as a counter area or as a breakfast area or a baking/coffee station. With enormous storage space and counter area, this layout not just gives you a space to cook but also a space to entertain your family and friends.

island kitchen

6. G-Shaped or Peninsula Modular Kitchen
A Peninsula kitchen layout is similar to an island kitchen but with the peninsula connected to the main counter. It offers a free-standing work area that can act as an extra counter for various purposes. One can access the workspace from three sides and get enough room to walk around. It also allows great storage options just like an island kitchen. It suits all types and sizes of homes but best suits smaller homes with less kitchen area.

g shaped kitchen layout

With these inputs in mind, you can now easily pick the modular kitchen layout that suits your home and adds a great look and feel. We, at DesignBHK, are just a call away to guide you with your design choices and to answer your queries to help you get the best kitchen design possible.

Home Automation – Automate Your Home Starting From Just Rs 20000

smart home tv control
ac control home automation
curtains control
lights control home automation
motion sensors
home automation touch panels

Innovation in Interior designing and the concept of Luxury in the Indian real estate market has seen a great surge in the past few years. It’s not just about comfort and basic amenities anymore but also the opportunity to experience Luxurious living in your own space. Bringing in a combination of design and innovation, driven by technology, Home Automation is the new luxury and we are all ready and excited to experience it. 

Be it apartments, villas or independent homes, homeowners are showing a great interest in home automation technology. Besides designing their homes to suit their interests and tastes, they are also showing an inclination towards making their homes smart to adjust to their mood. 

Automating a home isn’t a tough task. There are many agencies like DesignBHK who are experts in upgrading your home to a smart home. Be it controlling your window curtains or operating your TV and music system or even adjusting the lights in your room to suit your mood, everything can be controlled either with voice commands or just by a click from your smartphone. Such is the ease that comes with this amazing home automation technology. Considering just one room, let’s say the Living Room, the possibilities of automation are numerous.

home automation benefits

Imagine sitting in your living room that is automated. On a beautiful Sunday evening, when all you want to do is sit on your couch and relax, you can control all your devices by commanding Alexa or Google Home. Here are a few things you can do when your home is automated and linked to a single application.

You can operate tv, sound system and other devices like set-top box via the app.

Finally, you won’t need multiple remotes to control each device while watching your favourite show on TV. With your home automated and just one app on your smartphone, you can control all the devices connected to your TV.

Schedule your AC from anywhere with Home Automation.

On a hot sunny afternoon, when you are finally done with your work outside and wanna go home, you don’t have to worry about waiting to switch on the AC and wait for it to cool. You can simply switch on the AC using your mobile app from anywhere.

Curtain rollers.

Who said you have to go all the way to each room to open or shut the curtains? Well, with your home automation done, you don’t have to do that anymore. You can control your curtains according to the climate and your mood using your phone.

Lights and fans, false ceiling lights.

Binge-watching since morning and glued to the TV it feels impossible to get off the couch to turn on the fans and lights. This is exactly when home automation feels like the best innovation ever. One just easily switch on/off the lights, fans using the app or my simply commanding Alexa or Google home. We can also change the colour and intensity of the lights according to our mood. Isn’t that cool?

Wired sensor motion device.

It’s not just the inside of your house but you can also control the gates, doors and lights outside the house with the Wired sensor motion device. 

Touch panels for Home Automation.

Sleek and easy to you touch panels are mounted for controlling the devices in various rooms.

Eliminating the need to juggle between multiple remotes for various gadgets and appliances in your home, home automation gives you the luxury and ease of controlling all of them using one app – anytime and from anywhere. Every room in your house can be connected to the system and operated from anywhere. Home Automation also connects the exteriors of the house like Garage space, balcony and stairways by controlling the lights, and doors through a single app. Smoke and Gas Leak Sensors, Motion Sensors, Geysers, fans and many other appliances can be controlled through home automation technology.

The convenience of having a smart home that understands your mood and adjusts the entire vibe in the room accordingly is something very difficult to ignore. We all want more, something interesting and something new to make every day beautiful. At DesignBHK, you can get your home automated starting at just Rs 20,000/-. Sounds like a great deal? Avail the services right away, get in touch with DesignBHK team and experience the WOW factor of living in a home powered with automation technology.

Kids Bedroom – The Most Trending Design Ideas

We all hope to have a home that makes every member of the family feel comfortable and enjoy every moment they spend at home. Adults have their relaxing and spacious master bedroom designed as per their choice. The guest bedroom is done in a way that makes your guests also feel at home. And last but not the least, your kids’ bedroom is undoubtedly another important room in the house that needs great attention to details. So here are some trending design ideas that experts at DesignBHK believe can actually transform the complete look of your house.

kids bedroom

Just the way adults need their own space to talk, relax and bond with each other, kids also need their own space to read, play and hang out with their friends. This is where they play, grow, and make memories for a lifetime. Designing a room that meets their requirements and imaginations can be a tough task. But at Designbhk, we have the most unique and interesting design concepts for kids’ bedrooms that will add more beauty to your house.

Theme Based Bedroom Designs

theme based children's bedroom

Every kid has one thing that is very close to their heart. It could be a favourite sport, a cartoon character, a Marvel hero, a football team they support or a subject that intrigues them. Designing a kid’s bedroom based on their favourite something would beyond a doubt make them jump out of happiness. A room designed with a selected theme, with carefully picked colours for wardrobes and a functional study table will not just give a great look, but will also leave plenty of room for the kids to play.

Colour Based Bedroom Designs

Colour based kids bedroom

Irrespective of age and gender, we all have our colour preferences. And when it comes to kids, they want everything around them to be of their favourite colour. Be it dresses, paint of the walls, wardrobe colour or the curtains. It has to be in their favourite colour only. Fulfilling this cute little demand of your li’l ones, the bedroom can be designed and decorated beautifully while maintaining a perfect balance in the colour combinations.

Bedroom with Ample Storage space and play area

bedroom with storage and playarea

What do kids love the most? Toys, toys and toys! The tons of toys that kids collect over time demand a lot of space in their room. The loads of storybooks they collect will also need a dedicated place. Keeping these needs in mind, the room has to be designed with smart storage solutions, wardrobes and furniture that not only contain the toys and books but also leave a lot of play area. 

Bedroom designs with Bunkbed 

kids bedroom with bunkbed

Bunkbed. Does that sound too common and too boring? Well, we can make your kids’ bedroom surprisingly interesting and cool with a custom-designed bunkbed that will blow your mind. Opening up a large space in the room, the bunk bed like it always does, will give your kids a lot of extra space to have a separate play area or a reading nook. The interesting colour combinations and the wooden furniture can make the bedroom look absolutely stunning.

Bedroom designs with Modular Furniture

bedroom with modular furniture

Fulfilling the growing needs of your growing kids in the same room can be tricky. To make this easy for you, the bedroom can be designed using smart and modular furniture. The use of convertible furniture in the kids’ room can allow them to use their wardrobes and the empty space as they need. Beds with storage space and foldable study tables can be incorporated into the bedroom making it spacious and clutter-free.

Giving your kids bedroom a wonderful design with a personal touch can mean a lot to them. Besides having your living room and kitchen designed beautifully, it is also important to focus on the kid’s bedroom as it can have a great impact on how they grow and how to organize their space independently.

VERTICAL GARDENS – Bring customized greenery to your homes

vertical gardens

Being nature lovers, we merge beautiful mansions with humongous gardens in our imaginations. Sadly, parameters like budget and space do not always let our ‘dream house’ happen but Interior designing has witnessed quite a momentum throughout the decades adding innovative applications to its field. Companies like DesignBHK can fulfil our dreams and promise to set up vertical gardens in your houses suitably in confined spaces and within our budget limits.

The history of vertical gardens originated way back in 600 BCE in the form of The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (one of the seven wonders in the world). As centuries passed by, these greenery designs evolved in multiple ways. In ancient times, plants grew on mud and dirt that is settled over the roofs of huge mansions. Today’s interior designers got inspired and converted them into aesthetics. 

Vertical gardens give us an opportunity to make the best use of vertical spaces and to save horizontal spaces in our homes. DesignBHK is here to bring you closer to nature as well as providing you with luxury. Here are a few of the best ideas to design your homes with a floral ambience.


wall basket for vertical gardens

Wall baskets represent your gardening ideas in the best possible way. Tiny plants kept in baskets are usually hung on the wall or can be attached to the wall directly according to the shape of the basket. They are made up of pine, jute or plastic. They save you a lot of work because they do not include extra efforts like in the garden. The green portion is highlighted and the muddy part is always hidden to make your walls look attractive. They will also have less spillage because of their shapes. The baskets can also be made DIY at our homes using old recyclable materials.


vertical gardens in kitchen

Imagine preparing your favourite dish in your kitchen but you suddenly realize that you are out of necessary herbs like curry leaves, cilantro leaves or mint leaves. What would you do? Just set up a mini plastic planter that can be constructed easily using reusable materials. Grow such plants that require an adequate amount of water and mud. They can be arranged on one of the walls of your kitchen or outside your home near the kitchen window. They just won’t help your kitchen look beautiful but also serve as suppliers of fresh herbs from time to time.


vertical gardens wall

Do you desire to present your garden with a more exquisite look? Or you do not have enough space in your garden to fill more plants? Just add a wall alongside the other plantations. Fill the wall with birdhouses, square or round shaped blocks to fix the plants in it. The plants will acquire the shape of these blocks. This design will feast your eyes with neatly and symmetrically packed plants of various species and different colours.


interior design garden

Plants and grass are carved on vertical oases in a compelling manner. This particular idea is the best illustration of ‘When art meets nature’. They are designed using different layers of plants shaped to feature geometrically clean lines. The landscaping effect on the walls eludes you as if mother nature has given brush strokes on your wall.


alternate bricks gardening

Chessboard patterns are quite famous and are utilized in all kinds of designs. The reason is using two different colours in alternate positions. A similar principle is used here. Brick-like pots are positioned in alternate places. Flowers protruding out add real beauty. Its aerial view will absolutely attract outsiders. It is the best fit in the verandah.


vertical gardens with bottles

Do not worry if many plastic bottles lying in your house are going into the trash without any use. Using Non-biodegradable plastic bottles as pots is a good eco-friendly practice. Cut one side of the bottle and hang them against the wall. Fill them with the necessary succulents and herbs. To add an extra attractive feature to your courtyard area you can colour them. These DIY pots will also save you from buying traditional gardening pots. 

There are many other ways to modern gardening using vertical gardens and decorating your house. Implementing these ideas will bring a new look to your residing place. Mixes of two or more ideas will result in even a better art you thought of.