5 Best Space Optimization Ideas for your Living Room

living room

Everyone yearns for a beautifully designed home where they can spend quality time with family and friends. But with the cost of real estate and interior designing services skyrocketing, it is tricky to get the desired look and feel within our budget. Homeowners often find it challenging to be able to purchase furniture and furnishings that enhance the look of their home but don’t make it congested. We have gathered some of the best practices that can help homeowners get a space that looks very much like a professionally designed space. So here are 5 best ways suggested by DesignBHK to optimize the space in your living room.

shoe rack living room
  1. Choose multi-functional furniture. Furniture that can be used for multiple purposes often proves to solve space utilization issues in small homes. Replacing a regular King or Queen size bed with a convertible sofa can help accommodate your guests in the living room and can also become their bed when they choose to stay over. Similarly choosing an ottoman that can also serve as a coffee table or a footrest or even a work table.

2. Use Smart Storage. Having enough storage space for all our belongings is tough given the limited space in the living room. It is also essential to ensure that our storage solutions don’t occupy more space or spoil the look of the entire room. Hidden storage solutions can fulfil our requirements utilizing every inch of available space smartly. Using wall-mounted tilt-out shoe rack or over-the-door shoe hanger can help you reduce the space occupied in the room. A coffee table that comes with hidden storage space can accommodate a lot of stuff we don’t need all the time.

3. Keep it Simple. Using light colours on walls and wooden flooring can make the room feel larger and more lively. Keep the accessories to a minimum and go for large-impact pieces instead. Over-crowding the room with too much furniture or huge pieces like a bulky sofa will occupy most of the space in the room which we don’t want.

4. Create partitions for an uncluttered look. To give your living room a spacious and distinguished look, create partitions using full-sized curtains or partial glass wall. Beautiful partition wall designs make the room look attractive and different from the other rooms in the house.

Use light and bright interiors. Make your room look bright and well-lit by using light and even-toned shades for painting the walls and ceiling of your house. Light colours reflect sunlight and make your rooms seem spacious and well-ventilated. Opting for light furniture in soft tone fabric also helps save space and make the room look bright and comfy.

Who doesn’t like a well-designed and spacious living room to relax and watch their favourite series? Following a few tricks and interior designing practices can help optimize your living space without the need for huge budget or structural changes.

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