As we are progressing forward in both modernity and development, we still can’t be separated from traditional things. Such are our customs and traditions. India’s heritage is in the pledge ‘Unity in Diversity. Each state has its own distinctive design patterns. In every Indian house, you can find the different alignment of rooms and deep meaning in the decorations according to the Vaastu Shastra. 

Traditional Interior design to your house bestows a classical touch and ensures a peaceful experience. Since Interior designing is becoming mandatory in a maximum number of houses, companies like DesignBHK are also providing customers with an opportunity to design their houses according to their will and showcase professionalism in every detail by injecting each molecule in your house with sacred vibes.


traditional handicrafts

Indian homes are not called authentic if they do not involve handicrafts. People from various countries are admirers of our artists and their unique arts. From jewellery to showpieces, you can decorate every corner of your house with handicrafts. Birchwood is used for the on-table centrepiece like flower vases. Knitted rugs, door decorative, lamp and appliance furnishings. Crochet patterns on pillows and sofa sets. We can create wonders out of marble-like teapots, cups, cutlery and dishes. There are some more masterpieces like bamboo handicrafts, brass jaalis, Rajasthani puppetry, Odisha’s patachitra, coastal areas’ seashell decors, Assam’s terracotta artefacts, Andhra Pradesh’s  Lepakshi shilpakala and so on. 



Rangolis are the most favourite and must-and-should-learn art for Indian women and particularly South Indian women. These symmetric designs come from ages and are believed to invite health, wealth, peace and harmony into our houses. It is said that these rhythmic grids synchronise with the cosmic bodies patterns to balance our everyday life. We can decorate our homes with rangolis at our doorstep, Puja room and patio. We can create new designs everyday using traditional rice paste, vermillion and turmeric or permanent fixtures using paints.

Handwoven fabrics

handwoven fabric

Furniture is always felt left out without furnishings or drapes. Using handwoven fabrics from various parts of the country will enhance more glamour. Phulkari works for bedsheets, chanderi glamour for tablecloths. Muga silk and kanjivaram for upholstery and lose covers. Kalamkari magnificence for door and window curtains. Indian style of patterns and motifs on these fabrics is enough to adapt to Indianness in the home.

Traditional Chettinad furniture

traditional chettinad furniture

Chettinad is named after the Chettairs who come from Tamil Nadu. Early in the 19th century, this particular community used to build houses with teak, marble and a type of limestone called karai. Their urban style of constructing houses can help us give tips on our interior designing likewise kitchen cabinets can be given a teak finish with intricate design patterns. Establish swings which are also another Chettinad style inside your house and will immediately become children’s favourite spot in the house. 

Energetic colours

It is quite common that we predominantly notice the colour of any object. Then comes the shapes or other aspects of it. Adding vibrant colours to your house will help you attain traditional interiors. In rural parts of India, the interiors of the house are painted with bright and attractive colours. Especially colours like red, yellow and green are treated as divine. The right way to apply these colours is to tone the base with light and earthy colours then compliment them with bright colours such as pink, blue, green, etc. Go ahead and implement it because colours speak out our tastes!

Holy plants

traditional tulasi plant

Indoor plants do not just serve as green companions and symbols of beauty but also as a valuable relation with nature. In Hindu culture, plants like Basil (Tulsi) are treated equally to deities. It is no more a surprise if we are completely aware of the scientific benefits of these plants. Other plants such as neem, money plant, lavender, Jasmine, Lily, Hibiscus are also considered to spread positivity in your house.

Traditional God Idols

Indian God Idols and Traditional Statues Golu Festival Chennai India

To create focus on the centre of the room, place a beautiful brass or stone-carved God statue in your mandaps or mandirs. As soon as we look at them, they create a worshipping pleasure.

Accentuate every nook and corners of your house using the above ideas and provide an eye-feasting experience for visitors.

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