BEST HOME AUTOMATION IDEAS: Let your house reflect who you are!

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home automation ideas

The 21st century never ceased to surprise us. We as techies are subjecting all traditional gadgets to technological updates every now and then. Not denying the fact that we are making the best use of it. Every object around us is being converted smart. Home is the most comfortable space than any other place on the earth. Converting our favourite environment to smart locations will change our world. ‘How will it change our world?’. Our survival will turn out to be safer, simpler and more comfortable. How do you make it smart? Well, some Home Automation ideas we share here will do that for you. 

We often surf through several pages of the internet to choose smart ideas about home automation but it is quite difficult to choose the Apt one. Very few companies like Designbhk are offering proper and budget-friendly smart home commodities. Here are a few automation ideas to bust the myth that home automation exists just in science-fictional movies.

Home Automation Ideas
Security is priority

home automation security

Be it an apartment or an independent house, we are always worried about safety. Forgetfulness, a human’s basic tendency can cause severe loss sometimes. Whether we are leaving or staying inside our house, if the doors are not locked properly, we are inviting burglars into our homes. 

  1. You can set up your main door to lock automatically after you step out of the house.
  2. You can fix motion sensors in your living room to capture stranger’s movements. Switch it on soon after going to bed or leaving home.

Safe homes, Safe Minds

The farther we are from home, the more worried we get. We often regret leaving the house behind and have nightmares about gas leakages or water pipe cracks. This is what you can do.

  1. You can program water hubs inside your home which are potentially troublesome because of leakage to detect moisture.
  2. You can set up a smart appliance that has sensors in your kitchen to detect gas leakage and automatically open all the windows in your house.

Lights out

lights home automation ideas

We store several sources of light in our homes but our lazy bodies often get irritated to switch on and off them. 

  1. Set up your lighting fixture not just on and off but also by modifying the opacity and brightness.
  2. Control all the lights with one go using an application in your smartphone.
  3.  Who does not want to wake up peacefully? Mimic sunrise. Use curtain rollers or fix gadgets to gradually increase the brightness of bulbs.

Begin parties with a single command

home automation sound system

We will no longer need tangled and clumsy wires in the home to inject the party vibes and entertain mode.

  1. Install smart speakers to be controlled from any point of your room.
  2.  Gather the theatre feel by using a smart remote to switch off lights soon after the movie is started.

Home Automation Ideas: Here are some extra-luxurious smart products 

Chill with smart refrigerators

home automation ideas for kitchen

The idea of smart fridges may sound unimportant but sometimes they can save your day.

  1. They can detect if any grocery item is running out.
  2. Some companies launched smart fridges that can order commodities that are running low and can show what is inside the fridge without the need of opening it.

Taps are smart too!

smart taps

After reaching home from different places you neither want your hands to host germs nor want to contaminate the taps.

  1. Smart taps will recognize your voice and do the work for you.
  2.  We notice smart taps that sense hand movements in airports and 5-star hotels.
  3. Some smart taps pour out water with regulating temperatures.
  4.  They also minimize water wastage.

Showers will produce music

home automation ideas smart showers

Nothing else matches the relaxation after a clean shower. How about listening to your favourite tunes while bathing?

  1. Smart showers will speak and provide music
  2. Connect them with Bluetooth.

Forget about washing windows

windows for home

Despite maintaining your house clean, washing windows is always a tricky and time-consuming affair. We schedule a different day to do the job. You need not worry anymore. Get automatic window washers into your homes.

Smart tables 

smart table for home automation

Smart tables are not just highlighting furniture in your living room but also a multipurpose gadget.

  1. An LCD screen is fixed on the tabletop.
  2. You can play fun games with your family to interact with each other.
  3. There are features like mini-fridges and USB charging slots.

There are multiple ways to home automate every item in your house. Every person’s dream is to lead a luxurious life with their income. Designbhk is here to fulfil your dream.

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