Biophilia- When Nature Merges with Interior Design

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The celestial connection between humans and nature stays a trending topic for centuries. Biophilia is one such emotion that helps us to bond with the environment and lead a comfortable lifestyle using biological elements. People search sights to discover greenery and rest in the laps of mother nature. Architects introduced different patterns of biophilic interior design to make this happen indoors. At DesignBHK, we believe that we can help you attain relaxation by converting your homes into mini-ecosystems. Scientists proved that biophilia does not just bring nature into homes but also improves personal health and calms our bodies by cleansing outside and inside.

biophilia interior design

Like the five elements in nature, nurture us with every feeling of it. In the same way, our five sensory organs perceive and send experience to the mind and satisfy our souls. Having a biophilic atmosphere in our house will allow you to live with nature and will improve our senses to work better. Every sense organ in our body is made to be adaptive to the habitat we live in. 

Following are the different patterns of biophilic design based on, designed for and to satisfy the five senses of our body.



The eyes are our primary sense organs. Whatever we see first clasps our attention first. Our ancestors, whom we evolved from survived in open-spaces and have seen every inch of nature. We as civilized human beings compress ourselves in so-called modern houses and are being restrained from observing miracles of nature. How will biophilia benefit us with this? For instance, there is an object, we notice its colour, shape, brightness, the distance of the object from us and its movement. That is how our utilization of eyes is fulfilled. In a fast-stimulating world, we don’t usually stop and enjoy the sight of nature. Building indoor gardens in your house in a realistic manner is one way to bring you closer to nature. Set up the mini waterfall, Hang nature paintings and large wallpapers inside the living room. Another important aspect of sight is light. The system of daylight and nightlight is created to balance the active and sleep modes. Smart lights mimic the sunlight effect on the earth. They are automatic and will adjust their brightness and quality according to the time of the day to ensure the release of melatonin hormone in pertinent amounts.


hearing biophilia

Hearing birds chirping, water dripping, trees hustling by wind and other sounds of nature enables a sense of calmness. In a city-like environment, we turned out unlucky for rarely hearing them anywhere in our surroundings. New technologies have been developed to imitate the voice of nature. We can attain concentration in our work with help of the sounds of nature because of some hidden science.

We can use voice assistants to produce our favourite sounds in high-quality audio systems to appear realistic like you can set an alarm ringtone using home automation to wake you up using hen sounds from all the corners of the room. Remember how our grandfathers used to wake up? 



The daily smells released from our chores and activities are quite pungent to escape from our air-conditioned homes. This will lead to an unsanitary, unhealthy and uncomfortable environment. Nature balances the bad odour with the essence of the environment. Technologies evolved to do this artificially. Scenting systems absorb bad smells and release fragrances into the rooms. They specifically release nature-based smells like fresh flowers, about-to-rain aroma, incense sticks smell to bring nostalgia. You need not worry anymore about spraying deodorants, room fresheners, scents and perfumes room to room whenever guests give surprise visits.


taste biophilia

Taste is the reason why we enjoy our food. Maintaining a garden of plants in our house will provide us with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. We can enjoy our food even better when a naturalised environment is built in your house. Other than this, there is nothing else an architect can do to improve our taste sense since interior designing got nothing to do with it.


touch biophilia

There are certain textures in nature to feed our touch sensory stimulus. Moss walls can drive you to give nature-tickling. Artificial green carpets are made to imitate the natural grass without sticking the mud stains to our feet. Natural pebbles and stones in the form of different elements spread coolness in our house lowering the electricity cost levels.

We hope you enjoyed learning about biophilia and how it will improve our lifestyles fulfilling the needs of both psychological and physiological elements.

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