Home Automation – Automate Your Home Starting From Just Rs 20000

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Innovation in Interior designing and the concept of Luxury in the Indian real estate market has seen a great surge in the past few years. It’s not just about comfort and basic amenities anymore but also the opportunity to experience Luxurious living in your own space. Bringing in a combination of design and innovation, driven by technology, Home Automation is the new luxury and we are all ready and excited to experience it. 

Be it apartments, villas or independent homes, homeowners are showing a great interest in home automation technology. Besides designing their homes to suit their interests and tastes, they are also showing an inclination towards making their homes smart to adjust to their mood. 

Automating a home isn’t a tough task. There are many agencies like DesignBHK who are experts in upgrading your home to a smart home. Be it controlling your window curtains or operating your TV and music system or even adjusting the lights in your room to suit your mood, everything can be controlled either with voice commands or just by a click from your smartphone. Such is the ease that comes with this amazing home automation technology. Considering just one room, let’s say the Living Room, the possibilities of automation are numerous.

home automation benefits

Imagine sitting in your living room that is automated. On a beautiful Sunday evening, when all you want to do is sit on your couch and relax, you can control all your devices by commanding Alexa or Google Home. Here are a few things you can do when your home is automated and linked to a single application.

You can operate tv, sound system and other devices like set-top box via the app.

Finally, you won’t need multiple remotes to control each device while watching your favourite show on TV. With your home automated and just one app on your smartphone, you can control all the devices connected to your TV.

Schedule your AC from anywhere with Home Automation.

On a hot sunny afternoon, when you are finally done with your work outside and wanna go home, you don’t have to worry about waiting to switch on the AC and wait for it to cool. You can simply switch on the AC using your mobile app from anywhere.

Curtain rollers.

Who said you have to go all the way to each room to open or shut the curtains? Well, with your home automation done, you don’t have to do that anymore. You can control your curtains according to the climate and your mood using your phone.

Lights and fans, false ceiling lights.

Binge-watching since morning and glued to the TV it feels impossible to get off the couch to turn on the fans and lights. This is exactly when home automation feels like the best innovation ever. One just easily switch on/off the lights, fans using the app or my simply commanding Alexa or Google home. We can also change the colour and intensity of the lights according to our mood. Isn’t that cool?

Wired sensor motion device.

It’s not just the inside of your house but you can also control the gates, doors and lights outside the house with the Wired sensor motion device. 

Touch panels for Home Automation.

Sleek and easy to you touch panels are mounted for controlling the devices in various rooms.

Eliminating the need to juggle between multiple remotes for various gadgets and appliances in your home, home automation gives you the luxury and ease of controlling all of them using one app – anytime and from anywhere. Every room in your house can be connected to the system and operated from anywhere. Home Automation also connects the exteriors of the house like Garage space, balcony and stairways by controlling the lights, and doors through a single app. Smoke and Gas Leak Sensors, Motion Sensors, Geysers, fans and many other appliances can be controlled through home automation technology.

The convenience of having a smart home that understands your mood and adjusts the entire vibe in the room accordingly is something very difficult to ignore. We all want more, something interesting and something new to make every day beautiful. At DesignBHK, you can get your home automated starting at just Rs 20,000/-. Sounds like a great deal? Avail the services right away, get in touch with DesignBHK team and experience the WOW factor of living in a home powered with automation technology.

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