Humble Materials And Craftsmanship – Discover beauty in modesty

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humble materials

Humble materials are not everyone’s cup of tea. People who prefer extravagance do not usually go for humble materials. This does not mean you should not give it a try. The simplicity and plainness of structures made with humble materials sometimes project real charm.

wooden materials

If you are looking for wooden -themed interior design in your houses, these materials are a perfect choice. They are necessarily not luxurious but attract all the peace-lovers out there because they are budget-friendly and showcase modest surfaces. Designbhk works with manufacturers like Greenly, Austin, Centuryply and Saburi to supply such products made of high-grade materials. Following are some wooden and metallic aesthetics to help you choose the best of the best. 

External Laminate

This material is made to withstand extreme weather conditions and protect your house with a remarkable framework. It undoubtedly adds value to your house with lesser costs.


plywood materials

The best material to sync with any ambience in your house is plywood. Plywood comes cheap, malleable and durable. You can find it pretty easy to find and easy to use. The natural concentric irregular loops that are found on this wood is the main feature. When used in bulk, you can utilise this material for almost every piece of furniture. There is no doubt in confirming that plywood will create warm vibes in your living room.


The veneer is the thin sliced-version of hardwood. They can be attached as thin panels on cupboard doors, kitchen cabinets, etc. They are the cheapest edition of wood but equalize the beauty of high-grade hardwood.


Glass can be used almost everywhere. From Glass doors to glass canopy everything garnishes your house with a modern look. The glassy look is a classy look.


 It is nothing but a transparent thermoplastic sheet to serve as a suitable alternative to glass with a shatter-free experience.

Walls made of Gypsum board

We already are cognizant of gypsum in the usage of ceiling decorative.

gypsum material

Gypsum boards are also the best choice for your living room if you are looking for a cheap material to add volume to the inner walls. Fill them with white colour because other components in your house will look in contrast to the walls because Contrast-themes are always an architect’s favourite feature.

Steel furnishings

If you are a mech freak, The bold picture of assembled components like tubes, bolts and welds will feast your eyes. If you are looking for a view of an external and open network of tools then this idea will suit your taste perfectly. 

steel materials

Staircases constructed with wire meshes, plain steel table tops, impressive mini statues with compact tubes, bolts, bars, etc. Will express rustic emotions.

Recycled wood

recycled material

Interested in antiques? Sadly, antiques are too expensive to afford. A cheaper way to fulfil your wish is to use reclaimed wood. Parts and chips of old wood can be fused and brought back to life again. They exhibit split pieces together on the same wood slab. Now, what are you waiting for? Paint them neat and get ready with a spun story from history for your guests.


Remember the vintage homes in the ’70s and the ’80s? All of us must have watched them in the movies or some people have craftsman bungalows owned from their ancestors’ times. They are trending again. The only thing that’s changed is this style is no more confined to the rich. DesignBHK is ready to design your vintage homes for affordable prices. Here are some of the ideas to reincarnate your cottages.

1.Wide-open patio


What is a 19th-century house without large verandas? Apparent bondage between the living room and porch is best seen. The best illustration is the large wooden double doors.

2. Traditional dining rooms

These dining tables are decorated with steel or porcelain cutlery with linen cloths. A small flower pot will bring a whole new look to the table. I hope your dinner will create a nostalgic atmosphere.

3. Earthy carpets

Another best feature of ancient interior design is the mud-colour palette. Adding earthy-colour carpets will make you time-travel. Handmade jute-crafts include all-natural elements in your house like DIY hand-crafts, floral designs, plate-frames, vintage paintings.

All the above ideas are not just about interior designing but also a customised personal touch to your hard-earned houses.

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