Kids Bedroom – The Most Trending Design Ideas

We all hope to have a home that makes every member of the family feel comfortable and enjoy every moment they spend at home. Adults have their relaxing and spacious master bedroom designed as per their choice. The guest bedroom is done in a way that makes your guests also feel at home. And last but not the least, your kids’ bedroom is undoubtedly another important room in the house that needs great attention to details. So here are some trending design ideas that experts at DesignBHK believe can actually transform the complete look of your house.

kids bedroom

Just the way adults need their own space to talk, relax and bond with each other, kids also need their own space to read, play and hang out with their friends. This is where they play, grow, and make memories for a lifetime. Designing a room that meets their requirements and imaginations can be a tough task. But at Designbhk, we have the most unique and interesting design concepts for kids’ bedrooms that will add more beauty to your house.

Theme Based Bedroom Designs

theme based children's bedroom

Every kid has one thing that is very close to their heart. It could be a favourite sport, a cartoon character, a Marvel hero, a football team they support or a subject that intrigues them. Designing a kid’s bedroom based on their favourite something would beyond a doubt make them jump out of happiness. A room designed with a selected theme, with carefully picked colours for wardrobes and a functional study table will not just give a great look, but will also leave plenty of room for the kids to play.

Colour Based Bedroom Designs

Colour based kids bedroom

Irrespective of age and gender, we all have our colour preferences. And when it comes to kids, they want everything around them to be of their favourite colour. Be it dresses, paint of the walls, wardrobe colour or the curtains. It has to be in their favourite colour only. Fulfilling this cute little demand of your li’l ones, the bedroom can be designed and decorated beautifully while maintaining a perfect balance in the colour combinations.

Bedroom with Ample Storage space and play area

bedroom with storage and playarea

What do kids love the most? Toys, toys and toys! The tons of toys that kids collect over time demand a lot of space in their room. The loads of storybooks they collect will also need a dedicated place. Keeping these needs in mind, the room has to be designed with smart storage solutions, wardrobes and furniture that not only contain the toys and books but also leave a lot of play area. 

Bedroom designs with Bunkbed 

kids bedroom with bunkbed

Bunkbed. Does that sound too common and too boring? Well, we can make your kids’ bedroom surprisingly interesting and cool with a custom-designed bunkbed that will blow your mind. Opening up a large space in the room, the bunk bed like it always does, will give your kids a lot of extra space to have a separate play area or a reading nook. The interesting colour combinations and the wooden furniture can make the bedroom look absolutely stunning.

Bedroom designs with Modular Furniture

bedroom with modular furniture

Fulfilling the growing needs of your growing kids in the same room can be tricky. To make this easy for you, the bedroom can be designed using smart and modular furniture. The use of convertible furniture in the kids’ room can allow them to use their wardrobes and the empty space as they need. Beds with storage space and foldable study tables can be incorporated into the bedroom making it spacious and clutter-free.

Giving your kids bedroom a wonderful design with a personal touch can mean a lot to them. Besides having your living room and kitchen designed beautifully, it is also important to focus on the kid’s bedroom as it can have a great impact on how they grow and how to organize their space independently.

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