Modern Rustic Design – A Creative Idea Package for An Entire Home

Modern Rustic Design – A Creative Idea Package for An Entire Home

April 7, 2021  |  No Comments  |  Interiors

modern rustic home design

Indian homes are a spectacle to watch. From ancient architecture to modern infrastructure, nothing failed to impress us. There always lies an unhidden resemblance in every Indian house, that fills us with a home-like feel. The elegant lifestyles and authentic tastes of Indians surely influence our interiors. The nucleus of traditional houses and exteriors of modern homes bind together to establish a subduing experience. We call this relationship ‘Modern Rustic’. 

modern rustic design

Modern rustic is all about presenting our homes in a versatile manner without any sophisticated decor yet intricate look. We, at DesignBHK, have extreme respect for our Indian culture. We often appreciate the intellectual plans and esteemed designs of all our ancestral buildings. All of us are people of the contemporary world who pretty much involve modernity in almost everything. We blended these two requirements and brought you different ideas for all the rooms in your house to define them in a pompous manner.

Living room

living room

Living rooms are the first preferences as spaces to apply any new design that arrives in the market. Adding pastel textures and antique pieces to your living room will add a mesmerising beauty to it, doesn’t it? Stone walls and bricks are forever carved in the pages of history. Renovate your house into a historical structure using stone walls. Glossy furniture and ceilings will gleam your halls. Ethnic sofa covers and cushions for your modern sofas, painted-glass table tops generate a boasting environment. A slight wooden touch is noticeable too. Some rustic lovers usually prefer velvet glamour. So, go ahead and enjoy the retro view. Hang ancient portraits on walls. Masterpieces from the renaissance, Mughlai and Hindu kingdoms are the epitome of rustic culture. Peacock coasters on a classy flower vase or a 20th-century Bicycle specimen in your newly built cupboard are the little things but bring a huge difference in your living room.


modern rustic bed room

No matter how much we occupy the other rooms in the house, the cushiest room in our house is undoubtedly our bedroom. We give most of our time and receive peaceful sleep in this room. So adding a rustic appearance to this room is not a waste of time. After a tiring day, you reach home and find a contemporary rustic treat in your sleep space. I assure you your everyday sleep will turn out to be embellishing. Add neutral palettes to the walls. Detailed carving on the wooden bed, pillows and mattress wraps with traditional Jaipur touch. A cosy plus classic finish is observed when you add an extra couch, table and chair made up of reclaimed wood. Attach a beautiful nature painting on the walls to please your eyes for a colourful morning. Arrange potted plants on the bedside table to give some earthy touch. 



Anyone, whose roots come from villages? Don’t you miss the earthen and copper pots from which your grandma used to hand a tumbler of fresh water? That relief from quenching thirst after long-time play under the summer sun is the most satisfying memory. Good olden days. Right? Don’t worry you can still achieve this by making minor changes in your kitchen. You need not lose your contemporary kitchen theme just add a pinch of rustic twist. Weathered wood is the first best choice for your kitchen. Spread some rustic art on your modern kitchen cabinets. The best layout suggested for your kitchen to modify into modern rustic is an L-shaped layout. The reason is that it allows the fusion to settle in appropriate proportions.

Dining room

modern rustic dining room

The dining room or dining halls can be made to look tenacious in small spaces. There are several ideas for bucolic contemporary dining rooms. Glass table tops with wooden chairs roofed by a large manila pendant light. Chunky wooden tables set up a perfect rustic look. A mini closet adjacent to the dining table can contain a beautiful dining set and cutlery. Beach lovers can choose coastal relish. Sea-shell themed dining table along with pearl-shaped lights shimmer, ceramic plates with fish arts on it. Detailed tribal patterns on the embankments. If you want to become fancier, Get handcrafted steel cutlery. If you are rich enough, go for silver!



Modern Bathrooms can be easily converted rustic effortlessly. Just bring natural and neutral elements for some earthy and organic touch. Bathrooms are often the most overlooked rooms. Depleting it of designer enclosing is a frequently committed mistake. For this, you need not tickle your brain. Just add colour themes like add similar cover towels, tiles, taps, shower faucets, etc. Use a brown palette to look both modern and mild. Place teardrop-shaped rattan clothes basket. Add cute potted plants on the bare washbasin for an organic feel.


modern rustic balcony

Balconies are like an empty canvas. We can paint it however we want. For modern rustic balconies, just use old wood flooring or green carpets to complement them with earth-toned furniture and royal furnishings along with beautiful medium-sized statues from local antique shops.

Above are some ideal modern rustic ideas for your room. This particular design is like archaeology. The deeper we dig, the more the number of fascinating ideas come out.

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