Most Popular & Efficient Modular Kitchen Layouts

No matter how many spacious and beautiful rooms there are in a house, most Indian families spend a lot of time cooking and chatting in their kitchens. We all enjoy cooking with and for our loved ones and this time we spend in the kitchen is always fun and memorable. To make these moments even more beautiful, we have to make our kitchens fully functional and spacious. Modular kitchen designs do exactly that for you, giving your kitchen all the functionalities needed and not to forget, a trendy and sleek look.

The types of Modular Kitchen Layouts
There are six common modular kitchen layouts that we usually find in Indian homes – L-Shaped, U-Shaped, Straight Line, Parallel, Island and Peninsula. Each layout has a different look yet fulfil all the requirements to give you the best experience.

1.L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout
One of the most commonly found kitchen layouts, the L-shaped modular kitchen suits smaller homes giving them the maximum space utilization and available floor space. It allows you to accommodate a good number of storage units while leaving you with sufficient space to fit in a dining table for your family.

L shaped kitchen

2.U-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout
An ideal layout for large homes with huge kitchen space, U-Shaped Modular Kitchens can be just perfect to give you the most efficient work triangle. You can have enormous storage space with amazing design options. Besides giving you plenty of counter space, the U-Shaped Kitchens also gives you the advantage of having tall storage units and mounted ovens etc.

U shaped kitchen

3. Straight Modular Kitchen Layout
This is basically a single kitchen counter that comes with sufficient upper and lower storage cabinets but is still pretty efficient. This layout is ideal for smaller families in one BHK apartments or studio apartments and homes with limited kitchen space.

straight kitchen layout

4. Parallel Modular Kitchen Layout
Considered as one of the most efficient layouts for kitchens, Parallel layout comes with two long working areas that provide you with plenty of customisation options and storage units. Each work area can be utilized for various activities as per your convenience.

parallel kitchen

5.Island Modular Kitchen Layout
A Dream come true! Many people dream of having an island kitchen as it adds beauty and style to the entire house. Besides being very convenient, the island can be utilised either as a counter area or as a breakfast area or a baking/coffee station. With enormous storage space and counter area, this layout not just gives you a space to cook but also a space to entertain your family and friends.

island kitchen

6. G-Shaped or Peninsula Modular Kitchen
A Peninsula kitchen layout is similar to an island kitchen but with the peninsula connected to the main counter. It offers a free-standing work area that can act as an extra counter for various purposes. One can access the workspace from three sides and get enough room to walk around. It also allows great storage options just like an island kitchen. It suits all types and sizes of homes but best suits smaller homes with less kitchen area.

g shaped kitchen layout

With these inputs in mind, you can now easily pick the modular kitchen layout that suits your home and adds a great look and feel. We, at DesignBHK, are just a call away to guide you with your design choices and to answer your queries to help you get the best kitchen design possible.

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