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green decorations

We all wish to have a beautiful home that reflects our style through interior design.  Bundles of wealth that we conserve to fulfil our dream to build fascinating homes. Our desires are not just constrained to fine homes. A bit of interior designing and the additional privileges like Home automation is what we are yearning for.

It takes designer minds to visualize and create professionally designed spaces like DESIGNBHK who put in lots of effort to exemplify the best edition of our residences with budget-friendly charges. However, in most of us, lies an architect who has always dreamt of designing their homes using their styles and prerogatives.

Here are the top ten simple DIY interior design ideas that will help you extract that creative side of yours and recreate gorgeous homes using inexpensive items without the need for squeezing your wallets. Utilize your free time to try these recreational ideas. Trust us, the experience is going to be therapeutic.

green decorations
Painting and rearrangement of furniture.
Is the old furniture set up in your house lying the same for years? Just switch tables, sofas, teapoys in a new direction. Living rooms are meant to be both attractive and spacious. Change everything and this process will cost you pretty much nothing. Pull out your old furniture lying in your storeroom and paint them in interesting colours. What are you waiting for? Chase for leftover paints in your house.
wall plates interior design
In the eyes of a designer, everything takes the form of art. Well, it is amazing that a utensil like a plate can act as decor. Hang a broken porcelain or melamine plate after fixing it with your favourite design. Take plain plates and paste or paint a fine portrait.

Coloured lights.

Install coloured lights that are available in the market and replace them with white lights. These lights will act as an instant mood changer. The fixup of different coloured lights will enhance the style of the house and will give you spa-like vibes.

diy flowers
DIY flowers.
It is not feasible to bring plants and gardens to every nook and corner of your house. Fake flowers made of papers, tissues, cloth pieces and waste materials can fill up your house with a floral pinch. These hand-made flowers DIY interior design will grab extra attention from the visitors.
reclaim old objects interior design
Wall Decals.
Do you stare at the empty walls in your house and wonder what could be done with it? Painting and colouring trends have gone. Wall decals and Vinyl stickers of various forms and designs can be attached to bring a warm look to your house. Images of gods, trees or anything are easily available to design your homes.
pillow covers

Reclaim old objects.

Bringing the best out of waste is every middle-class family’s favourite pledge. We do not usually throw broken good items into the trash whole-heartedly. To conserve both the item and memories tied up with it, convert and recycle the items into a purposeful object. An old plastic bottle can be reformed into vases. These do not just serve their purpose as a personal-decorative item but also as eco-friendly and attention-grabbing articles.
designer wash area interior design
wooden furniture interior design
Designer wash areas.
Wash areas and bathrooms are the least preferred and most ignored spaces but not denying the fact that in recent times, they are also the most visited places. We often leave them with plain, dull and singular colours. Place marble stones or sea-shells near the taps to give an earthy impression. Paint the external part of the washbasins and frame mirrors with wooden sticks.

Old fabric to pillow covers.

All of us have piles of clothes in our wardrobes which we do not wear anymore. Then why should we leave them alone? Be it cotton shirts, denim jackets, mom’s old saree or sister’s no-more favourite dupatta, all of these can be stitched into cute pillow covers. Stuff unwanted cotton balls or old cloth pieces and cover them with these amazing DIY pillow covers.

Wooden culture.

Certain people still have a taste for wood. Wooden swings and floating wooden racks will satisfy them ultimately. Collect old wooden planks in your house and create crafty furniture out of them. Tie them up with nylon or iron ropes. Lay a mattress and cover them with pillows and experience swing and swish. Whether inside or outside the house, they will look great. Floating shelves are also a good idea to reuse these wooden planks.

These ideas may look simple but when implemented, they will change your houses into designer spaces.

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