VERTICAL GARDENS – Bring customized greenery to your homes

vertical gardens

Being nature lovers, we merge beautiful mansions with humongous gardens in our imaginations. Sadly, parameters like budget and space do not always let our ‘dream house’ happen but Interior designing has witnessed quite a momentum throughout the decades adding innovative applications to its field. Companies like DesignBHK can fulfil our dreams and promise to set up vertical gardens in your houses suitably in confined spaces and within our budget limits.

The history of vertical gardens originated way back in 600 BCE in the form of The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (one of the seven wonders in the world). As centuries passed by, these greenery designs evolved in multiple ways. In ancient times, plants grew on mud and dirt that is settled over the roofs of huge mansions. Today’s interior designers got inspired and converted them into aesthetics. 

Vertical gardens give us an opportunity to make the best use of vertical spaces and to save horizontal spaces in our homes. DesignBHK is here to bring you closer to nature as well as providing you with luxury. Here are a few of the best ideas to design your homes with a floral ambience.


wall basket for vertical gardens

Wall baskets represent your gardening ideas in the best possible way. Tiny plants kept in baskets are usually hung on the wall or can be attached to the wall directly according to the shape of the basket. They are made up of pine, jute or plastic. They save you a lot of work because they do not include extra efforts like in the garden. The green portion is highlighted and the muddy part is always hidden to make your walls look attractive. They will also have less spillage because of their shapes. The baskets can also be made DIY at our homes using old recyclable materials.


vertical gardens in kitchen

Imagine preparing your favourite dish in your kitchen but you suddenly realize that you are out of necessary herbs like curry leaves, cilantro leaves or mint leaves. What would you do? Just set up a mini plastic planter that can be constructed easily using reusable materials. Grow such plants that require an adequate amount of water and mud. They can be arranged on one of the walls of your kitchen or outside your home near the kitchen window. They just won’t help your kitchen look beautiful but also serve as suppliers of fresh herbs from time to time.


vertical gardens wall

Do you desire to present your garden with a more exquisite look? Or you do not have enough space in your garden to fill more plants? Just add a wall alongside the other plantations. Fill the wall with birdhouses, square or round shaped blocks to fix the plants in it. The plants will acquire the shape of these blocks. This design will feast your eyes with neatly and symmetrically packed plants of various species and different colours.


interior design garden

Plants and grass are carved on vertical oases in a compelling manner. This particular idea is the best illustration of ‘When art meets nature’. They are designed using different layers of plants shaped to feature geometrically clean lines. The landscaping effect on the walls eludes you as if mother nature has given brush strokes on your wall.


alternate bricks gardening

Chessboard patterns are quite famous and are utilized in all kinds of designs. The reason is using two different colours in alternate positions. A similar principle is used here. Brick-like pots are positioned in alternate places. Flowers protruding out add real beauty. Its aerial view will absolutely attract outsiders. It is the best fit in the verandah.


vertical gardens with bottles

Do not worry if many plastic bottles lying in your house are going into the trash without any use. Using Non-biodegradable plastic bottles as pots is a good eco-friendly practice. Cut one side of the bottle and hang them against the wall. Fill them with the necessary succulents and herbs. To add an extra attractive feature to your courtyard area you can colour them. These DIY pots will also save you from buying traditional gardening pots. 

There are many other ways to modern gardening using vertical gardens and decorating your house. Implementing these ideas will bring a new look to your residing place. Mixes of two or more ideas will result in even a better art you thought of. 

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