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BEST HOME AUTOMATION IDEAS: Let your house reflect who you are!

March 17, 2021  |  No Comments  |  Home Automation

home automation ideas

The 21st century never ceased to surprise us. We as techies are subjecting all traditional gadgets to technological updates every now and then. Not denying the fact that we are making the best use of it. Every object around us is being converted smart. Home is the most comfortable space than any other place on the earth. Converting our favourite environment to smart locations will change our world. ‘How will it change our world?’. Our survival will turn out to be safer, simpler and more comfortable. How do you make it smart? Well, some Home Automation ideas we share here will do that for you. 

We often surf through several pages of the internet to choose smart ideas about home automation but it is quite difficult to choose the Apt one. Very few companies like Designbhk are offering proper and budget-friendly smart home commodities. Here are a few automation ideas to bust the myth that home automation exists just in science-fictional movies.

Home Automation Ideas
Security is priority

home automation security

Be it an apartment or an independent house, we are always worried about safety. Forgetfulness, a human’s basic tendency can cause severe loss sometimes. Whether we are leaving or staying inside our house, if the doors are not locked properly, we are inviting burglars into our homes. 

  1. You can set up your main door to lock automatically after you step out of the house.
  2. You can fix motion sensors in your living room to capture stranger’s movements. Switch it on soon after going to bed or leaving home.

Safe homes, Safe Minds

The farther we are from home, the more worried we get. We often regret leaving the house behind and have nightmares about gas leakages or water pipe cracks. This is what you can do.

  1. You can program water hubs inside your home which are potentially troublesome because of leakage to detect moisture.
  2. You can set up a smart appliance that has sensors in your kitchen to detect gas leakage and automatically open all the windows in your house.

Lights out

lights home automation ideas

We store several sources of light in our homes but our lazy bodies often get irritated to switch on and off them. 

  1. Set up your lighting fixture not just on and off but also by modifying the opacity and brightness.
  2. Control all the lights with one go using an application in your smartphone.
  3.  Who does not want to wake up peacefully? Mimic sunrise. Use curtain rollers or fix gadgets to gradually increase the brightness of bulbs.

Begin parties with a single command

home automation sound system

We will no longer need tangled and clumsy wires in the home to inject the party vibes and entertain mode.

  1. Install smart speakers to be controlled from any point of your room.
  2.  Gather the theatre feel by using a smart remote to switch off lights soon after the movie is started.

Home Automation Ideas: Here are some extra-luxurious smart products 

Chill with smart refrigerators

home automation ideas for kitchen

The idea of smart fridges may sound unimportant but sometimes they can save your day.

  1. They can detect if any grocery item is running out.
  2. Some companies launched smart fridges that can order commodities that are running low and can show what is inside the fridge without the need of opening it.

Taps are smart too!

smart taps

After reaching home from different places you neither want your hands to host germs nor want to contaminate the taps.

  1. Smart taps will recognize your voice and do the work for you.
  2.  We notice smart taps that sense hand movements in airports and 5-star hotels.
  3. Some smart taps pour out water with regulating temperatures.
  4.  They also minimize water wastage.

Showers will produce music

home automation ideas smart showers

Nothing else matches the relaxation after a clean shower. How about listening to your favourite tunes while bathing?

  1. Smart showers will speak and provide music
  2. Connect them with Bluetooth.

Forget about washing windows

windows for home

Despite maintaining your house clean, washing windows is always a tricky and time-consuming affair. We schedule a different day to do the job. You need not worry anymore. Get automatic window washers into your homes.

Smart tables 

smart table for home automation

Smart tables are not just highlighting furniture in your living room but also a multipurpose gadget.

  1. An LCD screen is fixed on the tabletop.
  2. You can play fun games with your family to interact with each other.
  3. There are features like mini-fridges and USB charging slots.

There are multiple ways to home automate every item in your house. Every person’s dream is to lead a luxurious life with their income. Designbhk is here to fulfil your dream.

Humble Materials And Craftsmanship – Discover beauty in modesty

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humble materials

Humble materials are not everyone’s cup of tea. People who prefer extravagance do not usually go for humble materials. This does not mean you should not give it a try. The simplicity and plainness of structures made with humble materials sometimes project real charm.

wooden materials

If you are looking for wooden -themed interior design in your houses, these materials are a perfect choice. They are necessarily not luxurious but attract all the peace-lovers out there because they are budget-friendly and showcase modest surfaces. Designbhk works with manufacturers like Greenly, Austin, Centuryply and Saburi to supply such products made of high-grade materials. Following are some wooden and metallic aesthetics to help you choose the best of the best. 

External Laminate

This material is made to withstand extreme weather conditions and protect your house with a remarkable framework. It undoubtedly adds value to your house with lesser costs.


plywood materials

The best material to sync with any ambience in your house is plywood. Plywood comes cheap, malleable and durable. You can find it pretty easy to find and easy to use. The natural concentric irregular loops that are found on this wood is the main feature. When used in bulk, you can utilise this material for almost every piece of furniture. There is no doubt in confirming that plywood will create warm vibes in your living room.


The veneer is the thin sliced-version of hardwood. They can be attached as thin panels on cupboard doors, kitchen cabinets, etc. They are the cheapest edition of wood but equalize the beauty of high-grade hardwood.


Glass can be used almost everywhere. From Glass doors to glass canopy everything garnishes your house with a modern look. The glassy look is a classy look.


 It is nothing but a transparent thermoplastic sheet to serve as a suitable alternative to glass with a shatter-free experience.

Walls made of Gypsum board

We already are cognizant of gypsum in the usage of ceiling decorative.

gypsum material

Gypsum boards are also the best choice for your living room if you are looking for a cheap material to add volume to the inner walls. Fill them with white colour because other components in your house will look in contrast to the walls because Contrast-themes are always an architect’s favourite feature.

Steel furnishings

If you are a mech freak, The bold picture of assembled components like tubes, bolts and welds will feast your eyes. If you are looking for a view of an external and open network of tools then this idea will suit your taste perfectly. 

steel materials

Staircases constructed with wire meshes, plain steel table tops, impressive mini statues with compact tubes, bolts, bars, etc. Will express rustic emotions.

Recycled wood

recycled material

Interested in antiques? Sadly, antiques are too expensive to afford. A cheaper way to fulfil your wish is to use reclaimed wood. Parts and chips of old wood can be fused and brought back to life again. They exhibit split pieces together on the same wood slab. Now, what are you waiting for? Paint them neat and get ready with a spun story from history for your guests.


Remember the vintage homes in the ’70s and the ’80s? All of us must have watched them in the movies or some people have craftsman bungalows owned from their ancestors’ times. They are trending again. The only thing that’s changed is this style is no more confined to the rich. DesignBHK is ready to design your vintage homes for affordable prices. Here are some of the ideas to reincarnate your cottages.

1.Wide-open patio


What is a 19th-century house without large verandas? Apparent bondage between the living room and porch is best seen. The best illustration is the large wooden double doors.

2. Traditional dining rooms

These dining tables are decorated with steel or porcelain cutlery with linen cloths. A small flower pot will bring a whole new look to the table. I hope your dinner will create a nostalgic atmosphere.

3. Earthy carpets

Another best feature of ancient interior design is the mud-colour palette. Adding earthy-colour carpets will make you time-travel. Handmade jute-crafts include all-natural elements in your house like DIY hand-crafts, floral designs, plate-frames, vintage paintings.

All the above ideas are not just about interior designing but also a customised personal touch to your hard-earned houses.



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green decorations

We all wish to have a beautiful home that reflects our style through interior design.  Bundles of wealth that we conserve to fulfil our dream to build fascinating homes. Our desires are not just constrained to fine homes. A bit of interior designing and the additional privileges like Home automation is what we are yearning for.

It takes designer minds to visualize and create professionally designed spaces like DESIGNBHK who put in lots of effort to exemplify the best edition of our residences with budget-friendly charges. However, in most of us, lies an architect who has always dreamt of designing their homes using their styles and prerogatives.

Here are the top ten simple DIY interior design ideas that will help you extract that creative side of yours and recreate gorgeous homes using inexpensive items without the need for squeezing your wallets. Utilize your free time to try these recreational ideas. Trust us, the experience is going to be therapeutic.

green decorations
Painting and rearrangement of furniture.
Is the old furniture set up in your house lying the same for years? Just switch tables, sofas, teapoys in a new direction. Living rooms are meant to be both attractive and spacious. Change everything and this process will cost you pretty much nothing. Pull out your old furniture lying in your storeroom and paint them in interesting colours. What are you waiting for? Chase for leftover paints in your house.
wall plates interior design
In the eyes of a designer, everything takes the form of art. Well, it is amazing that a utensil like a plate can act as decor. Hang a broken porcelain or melamine plate after fixing it with your favourite design. Take plain plates and paste or paint a fine portrait.

Coloured lights.

Install coloured lights that are available in the market and replace them with white lights. These lights will act as an instant mood changer. The fixup of different coloured lights will enhance the style of the house and will give you spa-like vibes.

diy flowers
DIY flowers.
It is not feasible to bring plants and gardens to every nook and corner of your house. Fake flowers made of papers, tissues, cloth pieces and waste materials can fill up your house with a floral pinch. These hand-made flowers DIY interior design will grab extra attention from the visitors.
reclaim old objects interior design
Wall Decals.
Do you stare at the empty walls in your house and wonder what could be done with it? Painting and colouring trends have gone. Wall decals and Vinyl stickers of various forms and designs can be attached to bring a warm look to your house. Images of gods, trees or anything are easily available to design your homes.
pillow covers

Reclaim old objects.

Bringing the best out of waste is every middle-class family’s favourite pledge. We do not usually throw broken good items into the trash whole-heartedly. To conserve both the item and memories tied up with it, convert and recycle the items into a purposeful object. An old plastic bottle can be reformed into vases. These do not just serve their purpose as a personal-decorative item but also as eco-friendly and attention-grabbing articles.
designer wash area interior design
wooden furniture interior design
Designer wash areas.
Wash areas and bathrooms are the least preferred and most ignored spaces but not denying the fact that in recent times, they are also the most visited places. We often leave them with plain, dull and singular colours. Place marble stones or sea-shells near the taps to give an earthy impression. Paint the external part of the washbasins and frame mirrors with wooden sticks.

Old fabric to pillow covers.

All of us have piles of clothes in our wardrobes which we do not wear anymore. Then why should we leave them alone? Be it cotton shirts, denim jackets, mom’s old saree or sister’s no-more favourite dupatta, all of these can be stitched into cute pillow covers. Stuff unwanted cotton balls or old cloth pieces and cover them with these amazing DIY pillow covers.

Wooden culture.

Certain people still have a taste for wood. Wooden swings and floating wooden racks will satisfy them ultimately. Collect old wooden planks in your house and create crafty furniture out of them. Tie them up with nylon or iron ropes. Lay a mattress and cover them with pillows and experience swing and swish. Whether inside or outside the house, they will look great. Floating shelves are also a good idea to reuse these wooden planks.

These ideas may look simple but when implemented, they will change your houses into designer spaces.

Biophilia- When Nature Merges with Interior Design

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The celestial connection between humans and nature stays a trending topic for centuries. Biophilia is one such emotion that helps us to bond with the environment and lead a comfortable lifestyle using biological elements. People search sights to discover greenery and rest in the laps of mother nature. Architects introduced different patterns of biophilic interior design to make this happen indoors. At DesignBHK, we believe that we can help you attain relaxation by converting your homes into mini-ecosystems. Scientists proved that biophilia does not just bring nature into homes but also improves personal health and calms our bodies by cleansing outside and inside.

biophilia interior design

Like the five elements in nature, nurture us with every feeling of it. In the same way, our five sensory organs perceive and send experience to the mind and satisfy our souls. Having a biophilic atmosphere in our house will allow you to live with nature and will improve our senses to work better. Every sense organ in our body is made to be adaptive to the habitat we live in. 

Following are the different patterns of biophilic design based on, designed for and to satisfy the five senses of our body.



The eyes are our primary sense organs. Whatever we see first clasps our attention first. Our ancestors, whom we evolved from survived in open-spaces and have seen every inch of nature. We as civilized human beings compress ourselves in so-called modern houses and are being restrained from observing miracles of nature. How will biophilia benefit us with this? For instance, there is an object, we notice its colour, shape, brightness, the distance of the object from us and its movement. That is how our utilization of eyes is fulfilled. In a fast-stimulating world, we don’t usually stop and enjoy the sight of nature. Building indoor gardens in your house in a realistic manner is one way to bring you closer to nature. Set up the mini waterfall, Hang nature paintings and large wallpapers inside the living room. Another important aspect of sight is light. The system of daylight and nightlight is created to balance the active and sleep modes. Smart lights mimic the sunlight effect on the earth. They are automatic and will adjust their brightness and quality according to the time of the day to ensure the release of melatonin hormone in pertinent amounts.


hearing biophilia

Hearing birds chirping, water dripping, trees hustling by wind and other sounds of nature enables a sense of calmness. In a city-like environment, we turned out unlucky for rarely hearing them anywhere in our surroundings. New technologies have been developed to imitate the voice of nature. We can attain concentration in our work with help of the sounds of nature because of some hidden science.

We can use voice assistants to produce our favourite sounds in high-quality audio systems to appear realistic like you can set an alarm ringtone using home automation to wake you up using hen sounds from all the corners of the room. Remember how our grandfathers used to wake up? 



The daily smells released from our chores and activities are quite pungent to escape from our air-conditioned homes. This will lead to an unsanitary, unhealthy and uncomfortable environment. Nature balances the bad odour with the essence of the environment. Technologies evolved to do this artificially. Scenting systems absorb bad smells and release fragrances into the rooms. They specifically release nature-based smells like fresh flowers, about-to-rain aroma, incense sticks smell to bring nostalgia. You need not worry anymore about spraying deodorants, room fresheners, scents and perfumes room to room whenever guests give surprise visits.


taste biophilia

Taste is the reason why we enjoy our food. Maintaining a garden of plants in our house will provide us with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. We can enjoy our food even better when a naturalised environment is built in your house. Other than this, there is nothing else an architect can do to improve our taste sense since interior designing got nothing to do with it.


touch biophilia

There are certain textures in nature to feed our touch sensory stimulus. Moss walls can drive you to give nature-tickling. Artificial green carpets are made to imitate the natural grass without sticking the mud stains to our feet. Natural pebbles and stones in the form of different elements spread coolness in our house lowering the electricity cost levels.

We hope you enjoyed learning about biophilia and how it will improve our lifestyles fulfilling the needs of both psychological and physiological elements.

Top 5 Effective Methods for Eco-Friendly Interior Design

Top 5 Effective Methods for Eco-Friendly Interior Design

April 3, 2021  |  No Comments  |  Interiors

eco-friendly lifestyle

As urbanisation is evolving and seeing its day-to-day changing developments, it also reintroduced us to our ancient eco-friendly and sustainable home culture. Before foreign rule in India, our traditional homes were constructed in such a manner that residents received a reasonable amount of wind and the house system used to capture the appropriate sunlight that we needed. After industrialisation, several cultures were mixed and we lost our hidden treasures as time passed by.

Today, the whole world realized how important our energy resources are for us. The entire human race is chasing towards protecting mother earth. From banning plastic to constructing eco-friendly houses everything is being done to promote a healthy environment around us. Since the home is the first place we prefer to stay most of the time, upgrading them into sustainable spaces is largely practised now.

At Designbhk, we believe that the surroundings we survive in are associated with how the regional homes should be constructed. The local materials available for construction tolerate the regional climatic conditions. For example, in India, manufacturing materials like cement, sand, bricks, steel, etc are used but in cold regions, heat insulation materials like aluminium foil, wood wool are used to lower the heat escape to the exterior. Using cement slabs in cold countries is not suitable and advisable.

Here are five trending techniques to construct or modify already-built houses into sustainable spaces using non-toxic, renewable energy by traditional methods garnishing with a tinge of modern interior design.


sustainable living

The science of architecture lies in the orientation of the house. If you live in a place that has extreme climatic conditions. Whether hot, cold, rainy or stormy, the interior and exterior built-in features of the house affect the tolerating abilities of the structure of the house. In warm places, it is advisable to build fewer windows in the west because it may result in overheating of the interiors. Whereas in cold regions, the windows, glass panels and glass doors are kept facing the South direction so that direct sunlight enters into the house. This is the reason why traditional orientations coming from ages are limited for a particular area. Other sedentary features like sun shades, rooftops, shady trees can also be involved in sustainable interior design.


sustainable local materials

Nature designs the surrounding materials in a place such that they are suitable to that environment. Instead of importing Italian marble from far distances, we can use locally available granite and marble which do not have any adverse effect on the environment. It is not just local material, recycled materials can also be used for house interiors like reclaimed wood, recycled glass, reusable steel, etc for sustainable living.


eco-friendly fixtures

They are easily installable in both already-built houses and newly constructing houses. We already know how much water storage heaters consume energy but they can be replaced by solar water heaters. We can opt for heat and cold insulation glasses for windows and doors. These insulation doors will keep the houses cool in summer and warm in winter. They can be expensive but the amount of money saved in energy consumption is worth it. Using appliances of higher star-rating is the best energy-efficient option. Sources of lights like incandescent bulbs can be replaced by LED bulbs to save energy and to last longer.


eco-friendly home

The ultimate and never-ending source of energy is the sun. If we can utilize it properly then it should be solar energy for electricity. India has already started using solar panels in their personal residences. Windmills are another source of energy to add more money to your savings. Don’t you think they are cool enough to change your lifestyles?


eco-friendly living

Conserving water is not just today’s pledge. To promote sustainability, water management is also another key feature. We can replace regular taps with stylish faucets of low-flow systems. We have already learnt about the Rain-water harvesting method in school. Now is the time to implement it in real-life. Architects have different modern designs for such systems.

Sustainability is not just an option, it is our responsibility towards our mother earth. Building sustainable homes with eco-friendly design elements will make you proud and will remind you how much you are individually contributing to save the environment.